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My Story

When I was seven years old, my mom and dad gave me my first camera for Christmas.  It was a Kodak 110.  I burned through every roll of film I could get my hands on.  Back then we had an old wood-grained-panel-station-wagon.  One blisteringly cold winter day while we were living way up north in Idaho, I rolled down the window to take a picture of the falls in Idaho Falls.  It was well below zero and the window got stuck open.  We froze the rest of the way home.  That was a real "freeze frame."  The lesson I learned that day was that it is worth freezing for a seven-mile ride home to get a good shot.

Today, I go on vacation and come home with one to two thousand pictures.  Mostly of my wife and three boys.  I still love being behind the camera... although not so much in front of it.

You’ll find here my portfolio which is always a work in progress.  If you live in the St. Louis area and would like for me to take your family photographs, senior pictures, or any other type, contact me for more information.  I do outdoor/on location photography.

Freezing your moment in time,

J. Lindy

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